Mt. Summit Christian Church is a vital and growing family-oriented congregation. We are committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and showing the reality of God’s Love and active presence in the world.


We are an inclusive faith community where persons from all walks of life are welcome The message of God’s love is for all people of all ages. That love, expressed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is timeless.


No matter how quickly society changes, no matter how hectic life becomes, God’s love for us never changes and it never fails. We invite you to to become part of God's work in this family of faith.

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Our History and Partners

We are just one congregation in a larger Church family. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a Church focused on Christian unity, striving to be a place where all God's people can find welcome, worship and serve together, and share God's love throughout the world. We are a Church who beleives in the potential and responsibility of each person to make a difference in the world.  This is true for the faith journey of each person. We believe in the importance of community, but each person has their own unique voice that gives shape and character to communty. As each of us studies and serves, we grow in faith and when we share our growth with each other, God speaks and we ae capable of doing amazing things. 


Our Church was born on the American frontier, pulling together diverse beleivers in worship together. In a time when it was impractical to have a Church on every corner, our passion for unity was born. In our modern world, we see how important our traditions of inclusivity and personal acountability really are to our members and the communities we serve in. We have become a safe place for liberals and conservatives to share their opinions and serve together. We have become an open place for conversations about race, culture, and the mission of Christ's Church.  To learn more about the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), visit