Hosting Special Events at Mt. Summit Christian Church

We are blessed to have facilities that can be a wonderful space to hold your special event. Below is a chart of areas you can reserve for your use.

                          Reservations                               Non-Members                               Members

                          Use of Sanctuary                          $100                                              $20

                          Use of Fellowship Hall                 $100                                              $20

                          Use of Christian Family Center   $200                                              $40


                         Custodian Fees  (over and above rental fees)

                         Sanctuary                                      $50                                                 $25

                         Fellowship Hall                             $50                                                 $25

                         Christian Family Center               $50                                                 $25

                         Surcharge after 10 p.m.               $20                                                $20


A damage deposit of $100 will be required of non-members of Mt Summit Christian Church.

It will be refunded within 2 weeks after rental of the building if no damage occurs during the use of the building.

For a full description of space, limitations and expectations, and how to reserve, click on the Building Use Policy button below. 

Weddings are wonderful and memorable events. We are delighted that many couples from within and outside of our church decide to use our facilities for their special occasion. We have our own Wedding Coordinator that oversees the special day and the use of the church. For more information, please refer to the full wedding policy by clicking on the button below.

Family Center
Fellowship Hall
Shelter House