Mother's Day and Father's Day are celebrated by supporting a parent in a developing nation with a micro-loan. We add to the total given each year, espanding our ability to help others. 

Home Mission fund is supported by an anual "auction" fund-raiser and provides support to families in our community who are struggling with finances. We do our best to cover the portion of a bill a family can't afford to pay.

Disasters happen all the time, and we are there to make a difference. Our disaster response ministry is also there after many have forgotten about the events that made the news. 

Week of Compassion also identifies people and places that are most vulnerable and tries to help them develop their land and resources. 

Hand made prayer shawls are provided for those facing serious health challenges, grieving the loss of a loved one, or another traumatic life change. Time, talent, and supplies are all donated by the members of our Church.

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